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At the crossroads of Normandy, Brittany and even Le Mans (and its famous rillettes), the Mayenne is immersed in all their culinary influences. Any self-respecting holiday-maker will know where to take a break that delights the taste buds! Shopping directly at the farm, market every Thursday in Evron, summer tastings, gourmet restaurants... a whole range of places where you can discover market garden produce often labelled Organic, and have it served alongside a poultry dish, Bœuf du Maine or Mayenne cheeses like Entrammes. 

With these chefs and market gardeners "Happy holidays" will be synonymous with "enjoy your meal"

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Enjoy a meal with a great Chef

Mayenne's chefs, proud of their region and local produce, know how to handle the products to reinvent a strong identity and offer cuisine that is both classic and delicious. Take a seat at their table, in a beautiful rural setting at the edge of a pond at the Relais du Gué de Selle (Mézangers), in La Fenderie (Deux-Evailles), or in a small walled town that's full of character and charm at the restaurants of L’Ermitage (Saulges) or at Beauséjour (Sainte-Suzanne).

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Appointment with products with taste!

Put together your own basket of local produce directly at the farm: by appointment or at fixed times, producers welcome you to buy their freshly made or grown products. There is everything you could need to fill your holiday fridge and enjoy the delicious flavours of local products: fruits and vegetables, small cookies, poultry, honey. The La Fabrique Artisanale delicatessen in Sainte-Suzanne also offers local products, and you're sure to find something to delight your taste buds (summer) also at the former Auditorium in Saint-Pierre-sur-Orthe.

The icing on the cake for connected holiday-makers: have a 100% Mayenne basket delivered to you with the Au Panier Fermier (Bais) website)!

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Are you a food lover who's also keen to find out more about the manufacturing methods, the products and the recipes of chefs? Why not go the other side of the stove at aCulinary workshop offered by the restaurant Au Relais du Gué de selle. A special experience to share with friends or family. Like the workshops run by Marie Girard where you will learn how to make your own herbal teas and recognise edible plants in the garden.

For wine lovers, opt for awine tasting at Le Sommelier in Evron; for those who prefer a refreshing beer, push open the door of the Brasserie Suzannnaise.

Visite chez un artisan boulanger bio à Saint-Pierre-sur-Erve


Every summer, producers open the doors of their farms and craftsmen let the public enter their workshops,Visits of farms and artisans offered by the Tourist Office. Come and discover these passionate farmers or craftsmen. What are the steps involved in making a beer from La Brasserie Suzannaise (Sainte-Suzanne)? what's the secret of a good wood-fired bread at the Fournil du Cèdre (Saint-Pierre sur Erve)? How is honey extracted at Ferme des Fouillets? An activity for young and old who are curious about local produce! 

Visite de ferme en famille, dans les Coëvrons en Mayenne