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What could be more relaxing than relaxing at the water's edge and enjoying the quietwhile you wait for the bite? In the heart of its undulating landscapes there's certainly no lack of streams in the Coëvrons. Ponds, category 1 or 2 rivers, you will have plenty of choice.

Alone, with friends or with kids, it's easy to find the ideal river to tease the fish out of the water. You just need to get to know the local enthusiasts and their secret spots... that we reveal to you. But, shush! That's our little secret. 


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Local aficionados will tell you, the Erve, the Jouanne and the Vaige are bursting with fish! Roach, bream, eels, perch, carp and zander. And if it needs two of you to hold the fishing rod when it bites, you'll probably bring a pike or catfish out of the water.

Independently or accompanied by professional instructors, you will be able to experience several different fishing techniques: fishing with natural bait, pole fishing, no kill, calm water or river fishing ... You will be spoilt for choice.

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For those who love relaxing on the shore, think about a 100% fishing trip! Several gîtes offer access to lakes. No problem! Book as soon as possible, pack your bags, not forgetting your fishing rod, bait and rubber boots.

Once you arrive, you can quietly toss your line into the water and wait as you enjoy the nature that surrounds you. Dragonflies in particular love the patience of amateur fishermen and show themselves off very willingly to those who love a spot of relaxation.

And if no catch shows you the end of its gills, don't worry about it! Enjoy a unique stay somewhere very conducive to rest.

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And what if you were to take advantage of a more unusual fishing experience?

In this case, go with Romain and have a go at fishing for carnivores in a float tube ! Take your place on a funny inflatable seat and choose your spot by moving on the water, with absolute discretion... Propelling yourself with fins, you'll be 100% green!

And for city dwellers, Romain also offers street-fishing sessions in Evron. Nature is closer than you think!

Bords de la rivière Erve près des Grottes de Saulges


Make sure your fishing weekend is meticulously planned by following our advice: First, acquire some professional tackle before arriving in the Coëvrons: rod, bait, rubber boots, and what about something to read! By downloading our brochure "Fishing in the Coëvrons", we provide you with:

  •  contact informationfor local associations of enthusiasts
  • the location of various spots
  • fishing opening times
  •  where you canbuyfishing permits

So, ready to launch your line into the water?