comme les Diablinthes


Located on the edge of the Coëvrons,the archaeological site of Jublains is one of the rare testimonies of the presence of a Roman city in the Great Western region.  Located in the heart of the Coëvrons-Mayenne area of ​​art and history, this site will take you back to the times of the Diablinthes, the Gaulish tribes of long ago, through its museum and its outdoors itinerary. They were strong these Gallo-Romans! 

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The current village of Jublains, located between Mayenne and Evron, is surrounded by archaeological sites dating from 1500 to 2000 years ago! It's difficult to imagine that it was once an urban area calledNoviodumthat was much more imposing than Laval, Mayenne or Le Mans in the 1st century of our era.

An outdoors itinerary teaches us about the important transformations that Jublains has experienced, some of which have some very well-preserved remains!

There are some quirky things, like the thermal baths renovated in a church,a fortress erected in the midst of the decline of the Roman Empire or the inscription of the notable Orgétix at the entrance of the theatre, of which he was the financier.

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For all you history lovers, the archaeological museum, located in the heart of the vestiges, presents the department's collections from various excavations. The collections gather objects from the beginnings of metallurgy until the beginning of the Middle Ages and invite you to find out about the Mayenne and the Coëvrons during the Gallic and Gallo-Roman era.

For technology enthusiasts, the fortress can be visited via a virtual representation. The imposing building that stood 1500 years ago takes shape as if by magic. For more information, please contactJublains Archaeological Museum.


What could be more alive than a guide to bring this heritage to life! Opt for the guided tour by contacting Jublains Archaeological Museum

Awarded the "Tourisme & Handicap" label, visits are offered to the hard of hearing, visually impaired and those with learning disabilities.