After browsing this website, you've pretty much decided to organise your hike in the Coëvrons. To help you prepare your trip, whether you are alone or in a group, on foot, on a bike or on horseback, we offer you a manual.


A discreet region on the surface, the Coëvrons reveal the diversity of their landscapeto anyone who's willing to discover it: woodland, valleys, hills and even canyons!

A multi-track network of circuits has been created. You can easily combine the circuits if you want to use your shoes, the wheels of your bike or the hooves of your horse a bit more.

The Chemin Montais, linking Mont-Saint-Michel to other major walking routes, passes through the undulating landscapes of the Coëvrons.

Served by the A81 motorway and Evron's LGV station, the Coëvrons are easily accessible. 

So, are you convinced yet?


More than 400km of footpaths and more than 40 pedestrian routes are marked on the territory. You can look at the detailed information sheets for each route on our "Find your route" page. Each route follows a circuit that is easy to combine with another one to make the enjoyment of the walk last a bit longer.

A good hike is often rewarded with a good meal on the hoof or good accommodation at the end of the day. Find places to eat and have a good night's sleep on our "Feasting, sleeping" page. 

And to incorporate something extra into your excursion, take a look at some places you could visit in the area on the "Visits and heritage" page.

If you are interested in more information about a circuit, our consultant Angélique can be reached on 02 43 01 43 60.

The tourist office team will also be delighted to welcome you if you want to come and get some information about the area! 


Once you've selected your circuit(s) and located these places, carefully fill your backpack with the equipment you'll need: good walking shoes, a water bottle, camera, warm clothes for the evening, etc. And you're ready!

Once the adventure is over, please share your comments and suggestions with the tourist office team, always seeking to improve the quality of the Coëvrons trails!

Focus on the multirandonne loop n°3 in the Saulges sector

Particularly rich with things to explore, this great hike combines the region's heritage with the very best of what nature has to offer! Following the marked trails, you will cross 3 Small Characterful Towns: Saint-Pierre-sur-Erve, Thorigné in Charnie, and Saulges, and you will be engulfed between the limestones of a beautiful canyon.

For more information, please visit the "Find a route" page and select circuit 03

Hiking document 03 - Saulges, Thorigné, Chammes, Saint-Pierre-sur-Erve