Sainte-Suzanne has the privilege of being able to display the label Plus Beaux Villages de France, a wonderful recognition for this well-preserved village that's quite removed from modern-day hustle and bustle. 



There is a village atmosphere here, like you don't find in many places. For a Sunday stroll or a summer holiday, enjoy a trip to the medieval city and enjoy its way of life and natural environment. What we love here is being able to walk without worrying about cars, casting curious glances into the alleys and flower-filled cul-de-sac streets. But also being amazed at all the discoveries to be made at the Chateau CIAP, both for young and old alike. 

Head off along the pathways and see it from every angle.  For a short walk of about an hour, follow the route of the Promenade des Moulins. Perfect to whet your appetite and enjoy the rural atmosphere at the foot of the village, at the Hameau de la Rivière.

The people of Suzanne will tell you, the sight of the town from its surrounding hills, amazes them whatever the season: ramparts and a steeple emerge from the mist in Autumn, the sun lights up its beautiful stones in Summer.

Beautiful canal, beautiful view over the village. You won't be able to resist a break here, with cows creating the backdrop to your selfies.

Restaurants that are full of character!

Back in the village, sit yourself down in the café or on the terrace in the sun.

Chez Denis, with its décor of old posters and pots from the flea markets, this restaurant-owner has character! With a small pair of glasses on his nose, his cloth tucked properly into his belt, he stirs and he chats! The chef will serve you a seasonal salad or a home-made sauce, while telling you a couple of anecdotes about the habits of passing tourists.

Pause « shopping » chez des passionnés

Holidays are made for gentle meandering so why not step inside the small shops and artisan workshops. From the street, the fragrant scents of the shop Senteurs et Charmes d’antan has already enticed you. Inside, Yann will tell you how he makes his small tablets of soap with essential oils from Grasse.  A bit thirsty? At the Brasserie Suzannaise, Christophe will serve you a beer or a lemonade. Food lovers are sure to stop at Sucreries de Jane or La Fabrique Artisanale and lovers of arts and crafts at Tram d’Art!


All this is just a glimpse of the happy times that you'll remember spending here. So come and discover Sainte-Suzanne and its village atmosphere for yourself!